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Can women who are breastfeeding use probitics?



We are often asked if it is safe to use our probiotics while nursing.

It is always best to speak to your healthcare provider before adding probiotics to 

your routine.

GutPro Infant is a gentle, yet potent custom probiotic created especially for your baby's developing digestive system.

This pure powder contains seven clinically-proven probiotic strains that are naturally found in healthy infants. And it’s designed to help colonize little intestines with beneficial bacteria from the get-go. 

Bifidobacterium infantis — a notable strain that dominates in breastfed babies' intestines — comprises 50% of GutPro Infant, as studies show it supports healthy digestion, growth, and immunity in infants (see our ingredients section for more).* 

Just as important, GutPro Infant does not contain certain strains (or prebiotics) found in other commercial brands that can cause histamine intolerance, d-lactic acidosis or other adverse reactions. 

You also won’t find common allergens, additives or fillers. 

GutPro Infant is formulated specifically to help your baby develop a healthy gut ecosystem and to balance digestion.

It contains seven tested-and-true strains of human probiotics: B. infantis, B. bifidum, B. breve, B. longum, B. lactis, L. gasseri, and L. salivarius 

While GutPro Infant was created for infants and toddlers, it can be used by teens and adults as well, especially those with sensitive digestive systems.  


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