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Why do your fish liver oils have varying vitamin levels?

Varying Vitamin A and D levels in EVCLO, RFO  These values are based on recent batch analysis. But the levels could be anywhere between 145-500 IU. We need to rewrite the labels to show this, and we will be performing further batch analysis. 
Because this is a 100% unprocessed oil the values will ALWAYS vary depending on the diet of the fish, the seasons etc. We have also noted that they vary depending on the oil/fat content of the cod livers. For example, when the livers have a high percentage of fat and are cream-colored the levels of vitamin A are lower. 
The levels of nutrients in all living things will vary with time. This actually indicates that our oils are GENUINE Extra-Virgin Oils. Other companies process their oils and the processing used destroys much of the nutrients which the manufacturer adds back to the oil in the form of synthetic vitamin A and synthetic vitamin D3, or even sheep's wool derived vitamin D3. These are not natural products and not real cod liver oil. Real Cod Liver Oil should not, and does not, contain synthetic vitamins or sheep's wool derived nutrients. These could actually be harmful in the long-term.
The vitamins A and D3 in our oils are what is present in the liver of a "living" codfish. We cannot control the levels because nature does that. There is increasing research showing that low levels of naturally occurring vitamins A and D3 are much more effective in the body (more bio-available) than large amounts of synthetic/added vitamins A and D3. Furthermore, the ratio of vitamin A to D3 remains in the healthy range when the nutrients are naturally occurring. That is not the case when synthetic nutrients or sheep's wool derived nutrients are added to oils which negatively effects the delicate balance between vitamins A and D3 and this could reduce the beneficial effects of vitamin D3 in the body.
This article applies to: Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO), Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil
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