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Does the Ratfish Liver Oil contain high levels of dioxins?

The Norwegian government's affiliated lab approached Rosita last fall requesting crude (unfiltered) samples of Ratfish Liver Oil to test nutrient levels. No mention was made of testing for contaminants. Rosita willing complied and sent them unfiltered crude Ratfish Liver Oil.

Ratfish are bottom dwellers and will accumulate more dioxins than other fish which is why Rosita uses a unique filtering system with no heat or chemicals to decant dioxins and other contaminants.

Interestingly, the crude Ratfish Liver Oil was below the limits in heavy metals and PCB's and above the EU limits on dioxins. However - Rosita's filtration system brings the dioxins and all contaminants below the EU limits.

It should be noted the Norwegian government nor any other institution has recalled any Ratfish Liver Oil or any Rosita product.

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