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How was Emu oil traditionally used?

Emu oil is a traditional, sacred food of the Aboriginal Australians. They are the oldest living culture on earth, tracing their culture back more than 40,000 years.

Like all so-called primitive people they knew and passed down the use of special foods needed for optimal health and development.

These special foods had concentrations of nutrients far beyond those found in foods generally available to most of us today.

 The Emu has been used by the Aboriginal Australians as food and bush medicine for more than 40,000 years. The Aboriginal people passed down knowledge by word of mouth so it wasn’t until 1860 that Emu oils traditional use was first recorded by G. Bennett in his “Gatherings of a naturalist in Australasia.”

He reported that Aborigines and early white settlers used Emu oil to heal wounds, reduce pain and relieve various muscular disorders.

The Emu was so revered by the native Australians that it is part of their mythology, their Dreamtime.


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