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Are there historical records about the traditional use of Emu oil?

In addition to G. Bennet, Dr. Weston Price, a pioneer in nutrition, analyzed the diets of primitive people on his historic research expeditions of the 1930”s. 

In all fourteen isolated cultures he studied, all the members, eating their traditional diets, enjoyed superb health. They were free of chronic disease, they were strong and attractive people, and they produced healthy children generation after generation.

He also found that once these same people started eating a Westernized diet: refined grains, canned foods or denatured foods, refined sugar, they experienced tooth decay, degenerative disease and infertility. 

He analyzed the nutritional contents of both the primitive and Westernized diet, did physical assessments, dental x-rays, bone densities and mental assessments.

Dr. Price found that primitive diets consistently were rich in micronutrients: vitamins, activators (activates nutritional profiles of other nutrients), and minerals, were as the Westernized diet was found to be lacking in those nutrients.

“Dr. Price consistently found that healthy primitive people consumed a diet containing at least ten times the fat-soluble activators – vitamins found only in animal fat- compared to the typical American diet of his day.”

Price considered these fat-soluble vitamins to be the key components to healthy diets.

Price was very interested in the Aboriginals as they “are associated with animal life which is unique in being characterized as a living museum preserved from the dawn of animal life on the earth.”

The Aboriginals favorite foods were fat from the “intestines of marsupials and emus.”

Man has not biologically changed in 40,000 years we still need the nutrient dense foods of our ancestors.

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