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What makes Walkabout Health Emu Oil a superior Emu oil?

Research into the benefits of Emu oil began in the 1980’s in Australia. High biological activity was found in the oil from birds living in the wild.   This research triggered interest in our Emu farmers to replicate that biological activity in farm raised birds.

From the 1980’s to present day our Emu farmers have been doing their own research through universities, hospitals, and on their farms. This research has proven that the genotype of the bird is paramount in producing the highest quality oil.          

While our farmers were studying the Emu, others were breeding for “big birds,” trying to increase the amount of meat and oil per bird. What they got was an inconsistent quality of oil. One of the problems was that they were mixing genotypes of the birds. Most Emu farmers are still unaware that there are different genotypes. 

If you bred a Thoroughbred to a Shetland pony would you still expect to win the Kentucky Derby? A joke, but you get my meaning, you may still get a horse out of the breeding but it will have lost the characteristic of incredible speed.

Our birds are genetically selected and separated on the farms-no crossbreds. All Emus in the rest of the world come from inferior zoo stock. Australia banned exportation of Emus in the 1960”s. No one outside of Australia has access to these base genotypes 

For ten years, our farmers make trips into “Emu country” to learn to emulate the birds' natural feed. They studied Emus in their natural environment, analyzed their droppings and their dietary habits. They found that correct feed significantly increased the biological activity of the oil. Our Emus are fed using the results of this important research. The birds are farmed on virgin soils in Australia and roam in large pastures. No GMO feed, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides or chemicals of any kind are allowed on the farms.

The years of research would have counted for little without the correct refining method. Using tradition and science as our guide our refining method preserves our Emu oil’s natural characteristics. It leaves the oil unadulterated, the way nature intended.

When techniques such as stripping agents, deodorizers, bleaches, high temperatures and winterizing are used it results in loss of efficacy and destroys its natural synergy.

At Walkabout health products we take a holistic approach to our Emu oil and treat it as the highest quality food supplement.


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