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What are the benefits of unprocessed foods and unprocessed Emu oil?

The ingredients within foods work synergistically, they work as teams to feed cells. Isolated and synthetic vitamins contain only a fraction of the vitamin complexes and lack the cofactors and micronutrients found in nature.

Whole food and whole food supplements provide all the synergists, cofactors and vitamin complexes that normally occur in food.

Whole food nutrition cannot be duplicated in a laboratory with vitamin isolates. Nutrients live within a complex including vitamins and minerals and many cofactors.

Cofactors and food complexes may be more valuable than the vitamin and mineral. Whole food and whole food supplements have these synergies, complexities and energy.

Dr. Weston Price proved in his travels to primitive cultures in the early 20th century that as soon as people introduced processed foods to their diets they also introduced degenerative disease. One was a direct result of the other.

The same principles apply to Emu oil. Some Emu oil producers look at the oil from a chemist’s point of view and refine it like a crude oil, stripping out what they don’t consider necessary. This processing destroys Emu oil’s natural synergy.

At Walkabout Health Products great care has been taken to preserve all of the life supporting nutrients and life supporting components in this powerful synergy.                             

Walkabout Emu oil is a highest quality whole food supplement. Our Emu oil is assembled and balanced by nature. We do not add or take out anything in our oils. Only this holistic approach can give confidence to people to use our Emu oil both internally and externally.


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