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Why is L. plantarum omitted in GutPro™ Infant?

We did not include L. plantarum in the GutPro Infant formula as it produces both d-lactic acid and l-lactic acid. Immature (and severely compromised) digestive systems may not be able to breakdown an excess of d-lactic acid. Probiotic bacteria produce either d-lactic acid or l-lactic acid, or a combination of both. Both are beneficial, however, an excess of d-lactic acid may cause negative symptoms in people that cannot breakdown the excess d-lactic acid.

All of the seven strains of bacteria probiotic bacteria in GutPro Infant are d-lactate free.

L. plantarum is not a bacteria that typically resides in an infant's digestive system, as it is a plant-based strain. The primary strain of bacteria in GutPro Infant is B. infantis, which is abundant in healthy infants and naturally declines as we age.



This article applies to: GutPro™ Powder, GutPro™ Infant

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