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Are there high levels of contaminants in EVCLO and Ratfish Liver Oil?

No, there are low levels of contaminants. Each batch of EVCLO and Ratfish Liver Oil are gently filtered for contaminants without the use of high heat or solvents. This ensures Rosita fish liver oils remain raw and still provide levels of contaminants below the strict European standards. Every batch of EVCLO and Ratfish Liver Oil is tested for PCB’s and dioxins to ensure the oils meet these standards. The results are posted on the website. No other cod liver oil or ratfish liver oil company goes to the trouble and expense to provide this information. As with all raw sea foods there will be some contaminants. To offer a fish liver oil with near zero contaminants would call for molecularly distillation or deodorization of the oil. Both of these processes use very high temperatures which in turn destroy the natural vitamin A and D in the oil. Rosita will never compromise the nutrient quality of the oil and the very low levels of contaminants make provide the best option for consumers seeking natural full spectrum vitamins and Omega fatty acids. Rosita fish oils will always be processed to be wild caught, fresh and raw.


This article applies to: Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) and Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil

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