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Are the strains in GutPro™ D-lactate free?

Yes and no. Keep in mind that the main concern with consuming strains that produce D-lactate is their ability to cause D-lactate acidosis.

GutPro contains L. plantarum which is not technically D-lactate free.  However, we include it for a very good reason.  It has actually been proven to reverse acidosis.  L. plantarum initially produces L(+)-lactate, and then switches to producing D(-)-lactate, allowing for equilibrium to be reached.  The production of D(-)-lactate in L. plantarum is linked to the biosynthesis of the cell wall. 

This case is similar for L. gasseri, which predominantly produces L(+)-lactate during the growth phase and switches to D(-)-lactate when the growth cycle plateaus.  Additionally, L. salavarius primarily produces L-lactate and this is why it is commonly referred to as "D-lactate free".  But, in reality it does produce a small amount of D-lactate.  No studies have shown that this strain has ever caused acidosis.

For more information on D-lactic acidosis, please see our article on D-lactate free probiotics.


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