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Rosita EVCLO can be shipped in high temperatures without issues

Please do not be worried about the oil sitting in high temperatures. While keeping EVCLO cool during transit seems ideal, the oil is stable enough to ship ground and without cold packs.
Heat itself does not cause oxidative damage to the fish oil; it can only affect the rate of oxidation. Without the presence of oxygen, there is no oxidation process to speed up. This is why fish oils bottled without oxygen can be shipped even in the hottest of climates and still taste great.
Besides heat, other factors that may speed up the rate of oxidation include light, moisture, lack of antioxidants, and reactive metals. To reduce exposure to these factors, Rosita never lets the livers or the oil touch metal during the entire process, starting from fishing through to bottling. The lights and temperature are kept low at the bottling facility, and the dark brown glass bottles slow the breakdown of the oil from light. Once the oil is extracted from the liver, it is kept away from any moisture. Additionally, Rosita adds natural antioxidants to the oil to help delay the oxidation process once the bottle has been opened.
Once EVCLO is opened, however, it is important the oil remained chilled as it will then be exposed to oxygen. Keeping open bottles of EVCLO cold, along with the antioxidants, will help to extend the life of the oil. The smaller 150 ml bottle size was by design to ensure the oil will be consumed in its freshest state.
All of this to say that Rosita anticipated long and hot shipping times, as well as consumption times, while creating the oil, and developed the oil so that it would be stable during that time. So please do not worry about the oil going bad during the shipping process!

This article applies to: Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO)

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