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How much do I give myself/my children?

The doses we recommend are: 1/64 tsp daily for children (on GutPro Spoons, the spoon labeled "drop"); and 1/32 tsp daily for adults (on GutPro Spoons, the spoon labeled "smidgen").

Do keep in mind that these are recommendations only and it is more important to listen to your body to determine your dose.  Every individual will have a unique dose depending on health history, weight, age, metabolism, etc.  This is why we include instructions to find your dose with every bottle of GutPro.  We recommend starting at a "pencil point" amount (just the tip of the smallest teaspoon) and staying at that small dose for a week.  After a week, you can try slowly increasing to a larger dose (increasing slowly every week) until you reach a therapeutic amount.  A therapeutic amount can be defined as a large enough amount where you are seeing positive changes but not so much that your body is experiencing "die-off", or detoxing too quickly.

Be mindful of any changes in your body. Signs that you are taking too much of the probiotic commonly show up as cold or flu-like symptoms: muscle achiness, fatigue, brain fog, difficult sleeping.  Other symptoms to look out for that can be especially common in children are skin flareups or rashes (eczema, cradle cap, or acne); difficulty concentrating; and changes in bowel movements.

Remember that any probiotic is only going to be as effective as the diet that it's paired with, so do be sure to stay away from processed foods and refined sugar and flour.  Do consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before adding any supplement to your or your family's regimen.

This article applies to: GutPro™, Primal Gut, Primal Soil, Yeastbiotic™

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