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What are the benefits of using Walkabout's Emu Oil topically?

* 100% Pure and Natural.

* Highly moisturizing.

* Natural collagen content.

* Non-comedogenic-does not clog pores.

* Anti-inflammatory.

* Bacteriostatic.

* Does not irritate skin.

* Safe for human use-registered with TGA in Australia.

* Promotes skin regeneration.

* Promotes skin health.

*Transdermal-penetrates the skin.

* Transdermal carrier.


Our Emu oil is unadulterated so when it gets cold it will become more solid, when warmer it will be more liquid. You may need to warm the bottle in your hands or put in warm water (not hot) for a short time. This is what oils/fats do naturally.


This article applies to: Walkabout Health Products Australian Emu Oil

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