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When is the best time to take Emu oil? How much should I take?

Walkabout capsules should be taken ideally during or after a meal. Taking them early in the day will help activate nutritional profile of other nutrients. It is important to take them on a regular basis and for bests results on a permanent basis.


Individual requirements for nutrition vary greatly. Dosage depends on many things: present health, stress levels, and the quality of the foods you eat.

For adults whose needs are average 3 capsules/day should be considered

For adults with a high level of needs 6 capsules/day should be considered

For children whose needs are average 1 capsule/day should be considered

For children whose needs are greater 2 or more capsules/day should be considered

Liquid supplement–Approximately ¼ tsp. of oil is equal to 1 capsule


Check with your health care professional.


This article applies to: Walkabout Health Products Australian Emu Oil

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