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Your website claims that you are “reviving an ancient fish liver oil extraction process, unknown to many, that predates the Viking era.” Will you please share more about this ancient process and where you learned about it?

Within the Rosita team are old-time Norwegian fishermen who are expert seamen. They are skillful sailors from childhood with a deep history of fishing in their families that dates back many, many generations. Some of these artisan fishermen still eat raw fish livers to fight off colds! They are very knowledgeable in the production and grading of cod liver oil. Their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents all knew about the rare and authentic cod liver oil used by the people of the Old Norse culture for its therapeutic and strengthening properties. This form of cod liver oil was produced using a precious Ancient extraction method, unknown in today’s cod liver oil world, which allows the fresh livers to naturally “release” the raw golden oil they contain without the need for any heat, steam, chemical treatment, rendering, pressure etc. Rosita uses the exact same methods handed down to them from generation to generation in a very similar way that a secret family recipe is handed down through many generations.

Rosita was using this rare ancient extraction method to produce small quantities of genuine ratfish (Chimaera monstrosa Linnaeus, 1758) liver oil mainly for friends and personal use. The Nordic Vikings had termed this oil “Gold of the Ocean” because of its unique properties. Rosita was also producing very small quantities of cod liver oil which they consumed during the very cold winters in northern Norway, especially during the period of polar nights which the Norwegians call Mørketid (where the sun never rises throughout the day). They particularly enjoyed dipping wild cod (that they had harvested, frozen and dried in the frosty air) into the fresh cod liver oil they had extracted – much like their ancestors did.

The verbal buzz about the rare and unique qualities of their oils passed from one person to the next and demand for their oil grew. As the demand increased Rosita decided to set up a company “Rosita Ratfishoil®” and use their rare ancient extraction technique to produce these unique oils for the general public. The next step was to contact the Norwegian government who were fascinated at the concept of an “Ancient Norwegian Fish Liver Oil”.

Having received the necessary permission, they then began to sell their ratfish liver oil through the internet. Being very disappointed with the quality and forms of cod liver oil available, and astonished to see the amount of disinformation written about fish liver oils and their history, they considered offering authentic cod liver oil to the general public. After a strong prompting from the US-based company Organic 3, Inc., they finally made the definite decision to produce cod liver oil. The Norwegian authorities also granted Rosita permission to market their products as genuine “Extra-Virgin” after having thoroughly reviewed their process.

To meet greater demand for their products Rosita increased their number of fishing boats, as well as setting up special production premises which ensure that their oils are never exposed to the damaging effects of oxygen, light, heat and reactive metals.

Rosita Real Foods™ Artisan EVCLO is the rarest and most authentic cod liver oil made available to the general public for the very first time. This is a product of the same fishing waters used by the Old Norse people, including the hearty Vikings, and the same extraction process they used to secure fish liver oils for health and vitality. Rosita EVCLO goes back to rediscover our lost ancient traditions.


This article applies to: Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO)

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