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As a sustainably fished and produced handcrafted fish oil, how stable is the availability of EVCLO?

Rosita EVCLO is produced in small batches. Each bottle of EVCLO is made fresh to order which is indeed a very rare practice.

Rosita EVCLO is a sustainable product and Rosita follows ancient fishing practices which also dictate the time of day the fish can be harvested. The Norwegian government has also set quotas for the long term survival of wild Atlantic cod in Norway. In addition, it is important to note that Norway has long, harsh winters and some of the most rugged waters in the world with steep mountains lining the deep fjords, rocky coasts, and vicious waves at times. These waves can be very dangerous and so great care is required. Obviously, when conditions get too bad the fishing and harvesting of codfish has to be postponed. As a result, there will be ebbs and flows in production of EVCLO.

Part of the delay in releasing Rosita EVCLO was to put in measures that will meet demand and still be true to the Ancient Norse process for the production of genuine wild & raw cod liver oil. Rosita absolutely refuses to cut corners but have instead expanded their production capabilities with more efficient measures such as a modern bottling facility and a greater number of fishing boats.


This article applies to: Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO).

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