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What is Rosita’s philosophy for producing fish liver oils?

Rosita’s philosophy is to use a very ancient and extremely rare method for cod liver oil extraction. A method used hundreds, and possibly thousands of years ago by the people of the Old Norse culture. The result is the first ever Ancient Cod Liver Oil to come out of Norway, and one that is “true to their ancestors”. Rosita handcrafted cod liver oil is a “living oil” derived from codfish that are wild caught, sustainably fished and harvested by Rosita themselves. The form, appearance and nutritional content of cod liver oil produced using this ancient method is identical to what is present in the liver oil of a living wild codfish. Rosita makes no attempt to alter the nutrient levels. Nature dictates the nutrient levels in their oils. That is how it was for their ancestors and that is how Rosita believes it should always be. Some of the world’s leading experts on marine oils have been amazed as to the quality and authenticity of Rosita’s extra-virgin oils.

Rosita handcrafted cod liver oil reflects our need to preserve tradition and be in harmony with nature. Everything is done with respect for nature and the beauty of returning to our ancient traditions through the use of artisanal methods, handcraftsmanship and attention to detail. Rosita EVCLO goes back to rediscover these lost but precious values.


This article applies to: Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO)

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