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Can I travel with GutPro™?

You can absolutely travel with GutPro, but we do have some recommendations.

When traveling with GutPro, we always recommend that the product stay refrigerated whenever possible.  However, because the organisms are freeze-dried they can withstand a few weeks unrefrigerated.

For best results, we recommend purchasing a separate small glass container to keep a partial amount of the powder in, and leaving the rest at home in the refrigerator for when you return.  Remember that moisture getting into the bottle will pose the biggest threat to the viability of the bacteria, since moisture activates organisms and renders them inactive.  For this reason, we also recommend keeping the container in a plastic baggie or Tupperware.  This is especially important if you plan on keeping the container in a cooler with ice.

If you plan on bringing GutPro Powder on a plane, we recommend putting the vial in your checked baggage and not as a carry on, as any white powder has the potential to be confiscated at security.

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