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When is the best time/way to take my probiotic?

We recommend taking your probiotic with a meal or directly before the meal (around the same time daily). It’s beneficial if the meal also contains some natural fat or oil.   

Taking your probiotic with food is provides a buffering system for the supplement and ensures its safe passage through the digestive tract, given powerful stomach acid that can interfere when food is not present. Aside from protection, food also provides the friendly bacteria in your probiotic the proper nourishment to ensure its survival in your gut.

If you’ve purchased your probiotic in powder form, you can mix it in a smoothie, or sprinkle it on some cold or lukewarm food.

Our probiotics work best with an Ancestral Diet; unprocessed foods (meat, vegetables, fruits), healthy fats (olive oil, butter, lard, coconut oil, etc) and no grains (wheat, corn, rice, etc).

Please avoid taking probiotics with certain foods that may diminish the potency:

  • Avoid chlorinated water.
  • Avoid hot soup and hot beverages (coffee, tea, etc).
  • Avoid highly processed foods (store-bought juice, sugar, wheat and soy products).

This article applies to: GutPro™ Powder, GutPro™ Capsules, Primal Gut, Primal Soil and Yeastbiotic™.

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