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Do Organic 3 probiotics survive digestion?

Yes, probiotics survive digestion! Each of the probiotic bacterium in our Organic 3 probiotics have been genetically characterized and properly classified by independent labs. We have chosen specific organisms that have demonstrated tolerance to low pH conditions (hydrochloric acid and pepsin at pH of 3 for one hour at 37°C), tolerance to bile at concentrations existing in the duodenum, and the ability to adhere to human epithelial cells. In other words, our probiotics are able to withstand acid in your stomach and secretions that naturally aid in the digestion process - and do their jobs of balancing your gut flora and further supporting digestion.

We recommend taking your probiotic with a meal or directly before the meal (around the same time daily). It’s beneficial if the meal also contains some natural fat or oil. Here’s more information on the best time and way to take you probiotics. 

For more information on how probiotics navigate and survive digestion, attached is an academic study called, “The impact of meals on a probiotic during transit through a model of the human upper gastrointestinal tract.”

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