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What are the probiotics cultured on?

GutPro probiotic is cultured on a blend of nutrient rich non-GMO vegetables, avoiding most common allergens like wheat, soy, etc. 

While the exact vegetable blend used to culture the strains is proprietary, know that the GutPro probiotic was specifically created to eliminate the potential for negative reactions that many highly sensitive individuals struggle with when taking other probiotic formulas.    

Since there are absolutely no additional ingredients in the powder formula (other than the probiotic strains) the GutPro powder is well tolerated and easily assimilated by infants, toddlers, children and  those persons with chronic illness and numerous food intolerance and allergies. 

The beneficial bacteria chosen for GutPro are only those strains which have NOT  been linked to negative reactions in sensitive, highly impaired individuals.  The formula was based upon the feedback and needs expressed from those in the autism community as well as those struggling with PANDAS and other auto-immune disease/neurological affiliations.

It is important to note that any vegetable used to feed/culture the bacteria has been fully consumed by the organisms and is not present in the finished product. 

As always, it is a person's diet (the type of food and quality of food they eat) that is most important in determining how quickly they will heal.  Eating a diet of nutrient-rich unprocessed foods provides the strongest foundation for all healing. 

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