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Is Rosita EVCLO tested for Fukushima radiation?

The worldwide wind and ocean currents radiation from Fukushima is not an issue for Rosita fish oil oils, as most are pushed out into the Pacific Ocean toward North America propelled by ocean currents. Even then, experts have said levels are below the maximum limits permitted in drinking water.

Additionally, Norway, where Rosita's cod is sourced, may have the most rigid system globally in detecting radiation levels in fish and the Atlantic Ocean in general. It is under constant monitoring.

As stated on the EVCLO USA website, :

Lowest levels of radiation on the planet

"Testing for radiation in the oceans is essential, and something Rosita keeps a close eye on. Fish and fish oil exports are a considerable portion of the Norwegian economy. All aspects of preserving the sustainability of this vital industry are continuously monitored by the Norwegian government, including the ocean radiation levels in and around Norway. Rosita fish liver oils come from the areas with some of the lowest levels of radiation on this planet. We use the best European Institutes to test our oils, and many of them are government-linked. No isotopes due to Fukushima have been found. There have been no safety concerns regarding radiation with Rosita fish oils."


We hope this brings more clarity on how important it is to the fisherman of Norway to fish in clean water. 

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